Four Useful Items For Your Winter Car Survival Kit

Don’t let a breakdown incident catch you unprepared. Stock your vehicle with useful winter car survival items now to help ensure that you and your passengers stay as safe and comfortable as possible if you get stranded on the side of the road. Here are four items you should include in the kit.

  1. LED Flashlight – The worst problems always seem to happen at night. If your vehicle breaks down due to an issue with the battery, you’ll need a source of light to help illuminate the area under the hood. LED flashlights last a long time and are bright and effective. It’s a better option than relying on a smartphone’s flashlight, since if you’re stranded, you’ll want to conserve your phone’s battery power.
  2. Smartphone Car Charger – Roadside assistance is an invaluable tool in a winter emergency, but it might be a while before help arrives. Make sure to include a portable phone charger in your survival kit, which will help ensure that you can connect first responders until they appear on the scene.
  3. Portable Air Compressor – Drops in the temperature are notorious for rapidly deflating the tires. With a portable air compressor powered by your car’s battery, you can take care of the issue yourself. This will spare you the trouble of calling assistance, and help you avoid the safety hazard of driving on underinflated tires to a gas station nearby.
  4. Jumper Cables – Cold weather also takes a toll on car batteries. Make sure to include jumper cables in your survival kit, so you can get back on the road more quickly.

For more tips on assembling your winter car kit, contact us at Biggers Mitsubishi. We can also set you up with a maintenance appointment to help ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly this winter.