What to Have in Your Car’s First Aid Kit

Having a well-prepared first aid kit can help ward off problems that could potentially ruin a road trip. There are dozens of items to pack, but odds are you don’t need every single one. Having the essential items in your first aid kit is the important part. Here’s a quick list of items to put in your car’s first aid kit from us here at Biggers Mitsubishi!

Car's First Aid Kit | Biggers Mitsubishi |  Elgin, IL
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  • Blanket/Clothes – Having an extra set of clothes is particularly important, especially if you plan on getting dirty to begin with. Drivers in colder climates will benefit from warm clothes and a blanket in the even that they break down on the side of the road. An extra set of clothes could also help in non-emergency situations as well.
  • Flashlight and Batteries – Getting caught in the dark isn’t ideal for anyone, especially if you have a problem with your vehicle’s charging system. Stow a flashlight and extra batteries, just in case. Being able to see and signal a passing car for help is essential for any modern driver.
  • Medical Supplies – Patching up a small wound, even temporarily, could stave off an emergency until you reach a doctor. Include gauze, bandages, pain relievers, and hand sanitizer in your first aid kit in case someone does get injured on the road.