Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner Elgin, IL

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but hosting and cooking can make it stressful. Try these helpful hints this year for a more pleasant family gathering.

Use a Cooler

If you brine your turkey, consider letting it marinate in cooler. Otherwise, it’ll take up precious fridge space. With a cooler, you can free up valuable real estate while infusing the main dish with delicious flavors.

Cook Separately

Turkey legs and turkey breast cook at different rates. This can result in some parts being dry and overcooked while others are undercooked. To avoid this issue, try separating the legs and slow roasting them in a crockpot for six hours and the rest of the turkey normally in the oven.

Prep the Night Before

“Mise-en-place,” French for “Everything in its place”, is the culinary practice of prepping your ingredients before cooking. Dice the vegetables, measure out the spices, and put the pie’s dry ingredients together so that Thanksgiving Day cooking will go smoothly.


If the whole meal is too much work, ask your guests to bring one of the dishes. It takes the stress off of you and allows everyone to add some of their holiday traditions to the meal.

Buy Dessert

Unless you’re an avid baker, a bought pie usually takes just as good as homemade and saves you some effort.

Set the Table Before

Scratch the table settings off the list on Wednesday and set the table the night before.

At Biggers Mitsubishi, we’re excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with our local community.

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