Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs World Championship

Most large cities only have one baseball team to root for. Here in Chicago, we have two: the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. Both of these teams face a number of different team on the field during the baseball season. However, sometimes the two teams face off against each other. In fact, that is precisely what happened during the biggest games in baseball 110 years ago.

In 1906, the World Championship came down to the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. In one of the biggest upsets in baseball history, the Chicago White Sox won the championship over the Cubs. The White Sox went on to win championships in 1917 and 2005, while the Cubs came out on top during 1907 and 1908.

For over a century, fans of both teams have been eagerly waiting for a rematch. So what are the chances of a Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs World Championship this year? Follow the career of both teams this season to find out! And be sure to book your tickets for the series that begins July 25th at U.S. Cellular Field!

Great Chicago Places to Drive to in the Mitsubishi Outlander

The city of Chicago is great during any time of the year. However, Chicago is at it loveliest during the months of summer. Likewise, there is no better time to drive a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander than during the summer. So what better way to celebrate the summer than by exploring Chicago in your Outlander? Here are great Chicago places to drive to in the Mitsubishi Outlander this summer.

  1. The Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is more than just a lovely place to take a stroll. It is also lined with fantastic attractions, which are made even better during the summer.

  1. Lake Michigan

While on the subject of the lakeside, one of the best ways to use your Mitsubishi Outlander in Chicago is by taking a relaxing drive along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

  1. The Lincoln Park Zoo

When the weather is nice during the summer, be sure to make the drive down to one of Chicago’s wildest and most popular attractions: the Lincoln Park Zoo. There you will encounter some truly amazing animals.