Mitsubishi Mirage Customer Loyalty Recognized by IHS Automotive

we here at Bigger Mitsubishi are excited to announce that IHS Automotive has recognized Mitsubishi Mirage customer loyalty!

Customer loyalty is important to carmakers of all shapes and sizes, but it is especially so to those who are trying to break into the competitive American market. This is why we here at Bigger Mitsubishi are excited to announce that IHS Automotive has recognized Mitsubishi Mirage customer loyalty! The Mirage was rated as having the highest Model Loyalty in the Non-Luxury Traditional Sub-Compact Car Segment for the 2014 model year, making it a top choice for people who are looking for a smaller vehicle.

“We are delighted to receive this Model Loyalty recognition by IHS Automotive,” said Don Swearingen, Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Motors North America. “Mitsubishi Motors has experienced growing customer loyalty across our entire model lineup through the years, and this award demonstrates that we are successfully retaining our current customers while simultaneously introducing new consumers to the brand.”

The winner of each customer loyalty segment is determined when a household that owns a certain car returns to the market and purchases another vehicle of the same make and model. With a starting MSRP of $12,995 and an EPA-estimated fuel rating of 37 mpg highway, it’s easy to see why the Mirage is such a popular choice for customers.

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New Illinois Leasing Law Paves the Way for More

On January 1, 2015, leasing a vehicle in Illinois became quite a bit more attractive (by 50%, if you look at the numbers). The new Illinois Leasing Law reduces the amount of tax that a customer would pay while leasing a car.

Prior to 2015, a customer would pay tax on the purchase price of the car, even though a lease acts as a long-term rental. This made leasing a car unappealing. Nationally the lease rate is right around 26%, but in Illinois it has been only 14%. Chicago is even lower than that, at only 8% of all vehicle sales being leases. New York, for example, has a nearly 50% lease rate. The new law states that a customer only has to pay taxes on the down payment and subsequent monthly payments.

The new leasing law makes leasing a car in Illinois like most other states. One change that also came into effect is trade-ins no longer influence the amount of taxes on a lease vehicle. Previously, a lease would reduce the value of the purchase price of the vehicle, thus reducing taxes.

Texas is the only remaining state where leasing is based upon the purchase price of the vehicle.

2014 Mitsubishi Sales Raise Nearly 25 percent

Mitsubishi saw an enormous sales increase in 2014, selling more than 77,000 units and increasing its yearly vehicle sales compared to 2013 by an astonishing 24.8%. The year was highly successful for the automotive industry in general, with many automakers breaking records.

The Outlander Sport was the biggest seller for Mitsubishi, with 2,755 units sold in December. The Lancer also played a huge role in the company’s success, selling 185 more cars in December of 2014 than the same month in 2013.

Executive vice president of Mitsubishi North America, Don Swearingen, summed up the numbers well in a recent statement, saying, “December marked the 10th consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases … with an increase of nearly 25 percent over the previous year.”

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Tips On How To Travel Safely With Dogs

how to travel safely with dogs
It’s National Train your Dog Month!

January is Train Your Dog Month. But as anyone who has any experience in the matter knows, training dogs is largely about training yourself on how to understand your dog and what your dog needs, like how to care for your furry friend as he or she rides along in the car. That’s why with a little help from our friends at the Humane Society, we are sharing a few tips on how to travel safely with dogs.

NO ROAMING. A roaming dog in the car can be an enormous distraction to the driver. Dogs are impulsive and without notice, they can interfere with the driver’s ability to operate the car. They should be in a crate that is anchored with a seat belt.

GET IN THE BACK. Air bags can injure a dog if it is sitting in the front seat. Of course, a lot of cars now have side curtain airbags in the rear as well. This is something to research before travelling with your dog.

HEAD INSIDE. No matter how much your canine seems to dig the fresh air, the truth is that he or she can be injured by debris. And remember, they can get sick just like we can, so constant exposure to cold air is not a good idea.

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2016 Lancer Evolution X Final Concept Will Appear at Tokyo Auto Salon

Mitsubushi has announced that the final version of the Lancer Evolution X will appear at the Tokyo Auto Salon next month. The limited edition 2016 Lancer Evolution X Final Concept is the last model of the Lancer Evo X line and will only be released in a small number of units.

It’s understandable that Mitsubishi would want to create one last edition of the Evolution X as a tribute to the line, which was introduced in since October of 2007, before it quietly retires. The company will proudly show it off at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

The Final Concept model will have an engine that is both turbocharged and intercooled. Additionally, the vehicle will contain new features that push up the power to 473 bhp, while both a five-speed manual gearbox and all-wheel drive will be used in the car.

The 2016 Lancer Evo X Final Concept will be hard to get and has a long time to go before it’s available in commercial markets, so in the meantime, come visit us at Biggers Mitsubishi to find a car that’s right for you.