A Range of New Mitsubishi Products Are Coming Our Way

Following the global financial crisis, auto manufacturers nationwide have struggled to make a comeback. This year, for the first time since that crisis, Mitsubishi will see a profit in its North American market. This comes as no surprise based on this year’s remarkable sales and the company’s fast-growing momentum.

Along with the auto maker’s success comes the promise for new Mitsubishi products. CEO Osamu Masuko pledges to roll out several new products, with two of them coming as early as next year.

Additions to the Mitsubishi lineup include the long-awaited Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid crossover and a sedan version of the Mirage subcompact hatchback. Following those, Masuko told Automotive News we can expect to see Mitsubishi step up its electric vehicle push with plug-in hybrid versions of the next-generation Outlander Sport.

Mitsubishi will also likely bring back the full-size Montero SUV, which had previously been phased out in 2008. The automaker introduced the next-generation Montero with its GC-PHEV concept at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, and will offer gasoline and plug-in versions sometime after April, 2016.

The bottom line? Mitsubishi isn’t going anywhere. “We are trying to introduce new vehicles,” Masuko said. “We aren’t thinking of withdrawing whatsoever.”

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Deal with Renault-Nissan to Produce New Mitsubishi Sedan Model

Where have all the pretty new car models gone? That’s what we’ve been asking ourselves here at Biggers Mitsubishi, but fortunately, our parent brand has answered the bell—as usual. We’ve received the announcement of a new Mitsubishi sedan model, another benefit of the partnership with Renault. In fact, the new sedan will be built on the same platform as the existing Renault Latitude.

We don’t have many details on this brand-spanking-new Mitsubishi yet, but apparently, the sedan won’t be the only new model coming down the pike. The brand also looks to replace the Lancer, which is currently on its last model year, with a new compact SUV. New SUVs replacing the ASX and Pajero will also be in the near future.

The new sedan should find its way to North America sometime in the next three years. Come see us here at Biggers Mitsubishi to view our current inventory and to learn more about what’s coming in the near future. Our helpful staff is waiting to help you find the vehicle of your dreams.

Driving Tips for Winter Weather

We at Biggers Mitsubishi have some driving tips for winter weather. Check them out on our blog now!
Follow our tips for winter driving and drive safely!

Santa Claus is coming to town sooner than you think—and it’s not just presents he’s bringing. Every year, when winter comes around, the roads quickly become treacherous for drivers. With ice and snow reducing traction between your tires and the road, the winter season is one of the most important times to be safe while driving. To make sure you reduce your chances of being in an accident this year, we have compiled some driving tips for winter weather.

Check and fill your tires frequently. Cold temperatures can affect the way your car works in more ways than one, but it especially does a number on your tire pressure. Because tire pressure can influence the way your car performs, it’s important to check it frequently during winter. You want to make sure that your tires are filled properly at least once a month, if not more, for the best handling your car can offer.

Make sure your gas tank is at least half full. While you might be tempted to wait until the last minute to fill up your gas tank, this isn’t a good idea during the winter. If your tank is lower than halfway full, the gas line can freeze up, making it impossible to drive until it unfreezes. Keep your tank at the halfway point to ensure your car will start up in the cold mornings.

Slowly accelerate. Slick, icy roads can make it difficult for your car to gain traction. Because of this, be careful when you accelerate and decelerate, moving slowly to prevent spin outs. You should be especially cautious of this if you are merging or making a turn. It’s always better to go slow, rather than risk losing control of your car.

Follow other cars at a greater distance. In regular weather, when the sun is shining and the roads are dry, the suggested distance between your car and the car in front of you is about three or four seconds. For the winter, we suggest you increase this distance by at least eight seconds—preferably more. This way, if the car in front of you suddenly stops or enters a skid, you have time to maneuver around it or come to a full stop.

Stay safe at home. Nothing is worth risking your life for, so if you aren’t certain about the road conditions surrounding your home, just stay inside.

With these driving tips for winter weather, you will be safer than ever. If you are still looking for the perfect vehicle this winter, make sure you stop in to Biggers Mitsubishi today!

Motor Trend’s 2014 Outlander Review Says It’s Holding Strong

Motor Trend's 2015 Outlander review says it all.
The Mitsubishi Outlander is better than ever before.

The 2014 Outlander has been holding strong throughout the year as a reliable vehicle priced affordably for those hunting for a car in its class. Initial drives are always good for a first impression, but let’s look at how Motor Trend’s 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE S-AWC has held up over the year.

The Outlander SE-AWC is equipped with the SE Touring package, which gives drivers some extra treats in their deal, including safety features like adaptive cruise control and technology additions such as a built-in navigation system. There are trim levels and additions available for the Outlander that you can request information on at Biggers Mitsubishi.

For the team leading Motor Trend’s 2014 Outlander review, the adaptive cruise control and the forward collision mitigation proved useful during long trips and daily commutes, making their personal driving experiences in the vehicle safer and proving the effectiveness of the systems.

The engine’s acceleration capability has remained smooth and steady, getting up to speed and maintaining with ease. Passing in traffic and getting up to standard highway speeds is relatively painless; even if the V4’s accelerator isn’t up to snuff for you, a zippier engine option is available.

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